Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Hmm... Whadda ya know?

My family received very sad news last week. The Family Christian Bookstores near us is closing. I felt a wrenching in my heart when I read the flyer, mostly because I currently hold three "25% entire purchase" coupons and now I won't get to use them before the store closes. But I should have known when an employee bit her tongue last week that what she wasn't saying was that the store was about to close. I'm very intuitive to stuff like that now that I've been laid off.

This morning, I woke thinking of that store. And I remembered how years ago, while I was a student at CCSU, I applied multiple times to work there. It was my dream job.... working in a book store in a great environment. And I always liked it better than the other Christian bookstore because the employees didn't wear uniforms and they were always playing gospel music over the loudspeaker. After all, Family Bookstores introduced me to Israel New Breed. Is anything better than that?

But if I'd gotten that job, I probably would still be there. I wanted it so badly, and almost got it at one point. It was a "trick of chance" that I interviewed and was practically assured a position, only to call back the next week and find out there was a total change in management and I wasn't needed anymore. That job was my dream, but I never would have left it for Africa. Especially not for long term. I would have stuck to the writing world and the only job I thought I could get and actually like.

Looking back now, I see all the things that just lined up, making it possible for me to go overseas and become a missionary. At the time, it felt like clinging to Christ and grabbing hold of whatever He brought my way. Only in hindsight is there an actual path. My life is very unconventional and I don't know very many people my age with a life like mine. But I wouldn't trade it for anything, even for the chance to work in the bookstore. Whadda ya know, God actually knew what He was doing.

Praise Him.

I'll definitely have to remember that in the future. Actually, forget the future... I'll remember that right now. God has a plan. He knows what He's doing. And that's enough for me. The rest is just details....

But that's a whole 'nother story of a completely different dream job....

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