Monday, December 29, 2008

Namaste from India!!!

Hey, friends!!!

This will be really fast because I already typed it once and the computer lost it. How are you? Hope things are great in America!!!

I'm writing this from a foggy India. It's the dead of winter, but isn't as cold as I remembered it...probably because I came here from winter, not a beautiful African summer!!!! Being back has felt surreal...probably mostly because I was so jetlagged and had to stay awake all day yesterday! But at least I got to have fun in Denmark!

Anywho, yesterday we went to Asha House, where there are now 24 precious children. I dont' remember much from the day because I was just so tired, but I hope those children felt loved! Now that I've slept 12 hours, I'm feeling human again. Can't wait to actually interact with people instead of moving around in my own jetlagged fog!!!

Right now, it's just my team of 5 staying with Wilson and Paru, our hosts with sixty1. But in a few days another team is coming (this one has 6) and then in a few more days, another missionary will be here! So it will be a very full house! And we we'll definitely have fun!!! It's impossible not to do that in india!

Right now, that's all I have to say... no stories because I was just moving around exhausted yesterday. But it's great to be here! I've missed this place, the people, the food... yebo!

Hope y'all are great! Thanks for pr--ing!


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  1. Awesome to see you have your own blogspot! Be safe and you are my families prayers.