Thursday, January 8, 2009

India, a colorful blur---


How are you?

I hope you are well and that your days are full of joy. For me, the trip is going fast... too fast.... Right now, it's thursday morning (by the time you get this it will be thursday night here) and I leave on Saturday! NOOO!!! Oh well... I'm thankful for this time and can't wait to come back, whenever that might be!!!!

Since I last wrote, we've had some very full days. Here's a short rundown of what the last week or so has been like....

On Friday, we went to Asha Mission, another orphanage. I got to spend time with Grace, Saji Abraham's wife, (they run the orphanange), who just made me smile with her beautiful spirit. It was great to see a different ministry because I had never been there before.

Saturday was a "free" day for us... we went to Connaught Place, a popular market for tourist shopping and then to Hi Murchee (my favorite restaurant), for dinner. It was the birthday of a girl on the other team. We all dressed up in beautiful Indian clothing and had so much fun!!!

Sunday, we went to church at Asha House and spent the day with the precious children.

Monday, we spent all day at Asha House again.... it was the lice party! And yes, that's exactly what it sounds like! I washed my hair in the stuff after and dry cleaned the clothes I was wearing, so hopefully I didn't get them in the process! I felt so bad for the poor children, because it was so cold and the water was as well. But they didn't complain or run away. And unfortunately, they have it again. But at least we were able to tame the problem and also spend time just loving on them. That night, we went to see a movie! My group saw Australia, which we determined was a Hollywood-bollywood movie... I just thought it was hilarious to be watching a movie about cows (and the sale of cows for food) in India!!!

Tuesday, we went to a different leper colony, the one we went to last year.

Yesterday, we went back to Asha House (oh, Asha means "hope," by the way) and played with the little ones in the morning. When they went in for lunch, we left and went to Emmanuel, where I got to see my girls, Neha and Bavita!!!!! They are so tall and beautiful! Both of them are 12 years old now, so they are some of the oldest girls in the orphanage and are leaders there. It was great to spend a few hours with them... they said they recognized me because of my sunglasses. :0) Anywho, we took a lot of pictures, read some of the B, played a lot, and Neha even danced... turns out it's her favorite thing to do.

Today, we are going to Asha House for a bit and then back to Tikeri Border, the first leper colony we went to. All of us are excited because we are trying to print pictures of our last visit so our friends can have them... and this time I'm bringing nail polish. Last time they asked for it and I didn't have any with me, so yeah... we're gonna have a "beauty" day! I LOVE it! So excited!!!

Tomorrow, we'll go back to Asha so the rest of my team can say goodbye. They leave really late that night. Around the same time, a new team comes in. I'll stick around until the next afternoon...

Okay, gotta go. Sorry this was fast!!!! Just wanted to say hi and let you know what life has looked like the last few days! Have a great day! love ya!!!


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