Sunday, March 29, 2009


I've decided to play a game in hopes that my annoyance level will decrease greatly. You see, just about anytime I go anywhere in india, i am searched and told that certain random items are unreasonable. To go on the train, into any mall, many western stores, the movie theaters, etc, you have to check your bags at the door, go through a metal detector, a feel down that almost qualifies as a cavity search, and an inspection of whatever you are bringing into the store with you. since penjabis don't have pockets, some purses are allowed. it really depends on if the security guard is having a good day or not.

i find it so strange that there are so many "rules" here--like you have to sit in assigned seating at a theater, when the country has no idea what traffic laws are. and that security is crappy, even though i have to relinquish my crackers, a book, etc at every turn. Ironically, it seems that the movie theater is stricter than the public transportation system.

The other day, Paru had gum taken out of her mouth because "it wasn't allowed." In a theater.

For this reason, I am playing a new game. It's called "Take Random Items to the Theater and See if They are Confiscated." To this end, I need your help to come up with ideas. The items need to be relatively small and light. but other than that, there is no limit. I shall make a list alongside a posting of "victorious" or "sacked" and various anecdotes as the situations allow.

Basically, I'm doing this bc if I don't, I might scream the next time a female guard gets too friendly. I've reached that stage of culture shock known as frustration.

So far...
-4 grilled cheese crackers: sacked
-Paru and Sajedeh's gum that they were chewing at the time: sacked
-ipod: victorious
-cell phone (without camera, of course): victorious
-chapstick: victorious
-small wallet: suspicious item, but finally allowed through after the guard had practically counted the rupees inside
-train pass: victorious
-wilson's reading book: Bourne Supremacy: almost sacked as Paru held it for him and got a particularly vicious guard. Wilson's guard was scared of him so let it pass.
-camera: don't even think about it.

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