Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Virtual Tour of my Life Here in India...

Welcome to my home in India!!! We don't really have an address, but it's easy to find us. All you have to do is find our village and ask for the foreigners (white people). Just about anyone will know where we live.

This is our street. Our house is on the other side of the tall building that is being constructed on the left.

This is our front door. Welcome!!! Come on in!!! Yes, other than the iron gate, it's "open air." We also have a vent in our ceiling to let in air. All houses have gates and all windows are barred, just as it is in most of the rest of the world.

Our bathrooms are to the right. This is the shower. It's just a room with a drain on the floor. We have to squeegee the floor dry after every shower because of mosquitos. But that's okay, because we also have a very handy electric bug zapper that is quite fun!!!! I tried to take a picture of the bathroom with a toilet (it has a shower in it too, right beside the toilet), but it wouldn't fit in the frame. Most of the time when you go to the bathroom, you leave with wet feet.

This is our living room. Wilson and Travis constructed these "couches". The wood had to be specially purchased. The mattresses are typical Indian mattresses, which means they are as hard as a rock. We have electricity, a generator for when the power goes out 20 million times a day, fans to cool off the room, and most recently, wireless internet. This is a BIG blessing because that means I can stay in much with y'all even more than usual!!!

This is my room. The other girls on the other team are together in a different room, but they put me by myself since I'm gonna be here for 2 months. I'm thankful for it... it gives me a nice, quiet place to have devos, write, and since I'm still jet lagged, sleep. :0) But mostly I'm in the living room with everyone else, enjoying the beauty of community.

This is Putin, Travis' puppy. She's only 3 months old. I cuddled with her in January when she was smaller than my own dog. This german shepherd is going to be BIG!!!! Oh yeah, and that is "Putin," as in, Vladmir Putin, the Russian dictator. But this Putin is a girl. :0)

Here is our kitchen. It's barely big enough for 2 people to stand in a one time. But it's a blessing. Our fridge is in the living room.

Here's the view from our roof. We hang clothes up here to dry. It's also a good place to come up, pray, have bonfires in the winter, and view the rest of the world. I love how this part of the world utilizes the roof... makes me think of those Bible stories depicting them. Or Ray Blackston's A Delirious Summer, but that's another story altogether. :0)

That's it!!!! Here's a picture of Paru and I, which was taken after church today at the orphanage. Paru is a wonderful, funny friend and I'm so thankful for her! She is Wilson's wife and a beautiful person; just a wonderful woman of God. Thanks for reading!!!! Hope you enjoyed this tour of my life!!!


  1. Hi Kristen'
    Thanks for sharing another part of the world most of us will never see.

    God bless you,
    Cousin Walt

  2. Kristen,
    This post has just fueled my excitement, joy, and humbled awe I have been experiencing ever since I found out I will be joining you there. I look forward to walking through those doors for myself in...five weeks!