Monday, April 20, 2009



I didn't think it would happen for another week!!!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15th

Asha got 9 new kids today!!! Please pray for them. They are so scared!!!! None of them speak Hindi (they all speak another village language) and they are so overwhelmed. So frightened. Please pray for this transition for them.

Also, with some sad news, Maryam's family came to get her. She probably won't come back. I'm really bummed, especially since I was there just yesterday and there was no indication that this would happen. Please pray for her--for her safety and wellbeing. She is so young. Pray that she will remember what she was taught about Christ. It breaks my heart that this little one--or the others that have left--could return to Hinduism. 

Here are some pictures of sweet Mariyam...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

107 and No Water!!!

So, the fun adventures keep coming... 

Our water pump broke randomly the other day. Some men came to fix it today but said that the problem was actually below ground and would take until at least Friday to fix. This means that we have no running water for washing dishes, washing clothes, flushing toilets, and showers. Have I mentioned that it was 107 degrees here today?

It's one thing to not have water and live in a hut, use squattie potties, and bathe from a bucket regularly. It's another thing entirely to only have a toilet and not have the water to flush it. Western/modern conveniences aside can actually be more burdensome when something like this happens.

We are blessed because there is a house down the street where we can go and shower. And we're gonna talk to our landlord about getting water delivered... with it being this hot, sleeping is pretty much impossible without using the water coolers (which are no where near as cool as ac but are helpful at least). Anywho... oh, btw, here's a fun article....

OH WAIT!! As I'm writing this, they've figured out a way to fill our tank manually, at least for this day. PRAISE GOD!!!! That means I'll get to sleep tonight!

Okay, now for the article...

India Heat Wave Could Last for Weeks
Updated: Monday, April 13, 2009 4:56 PM
Intense heat has spread widely over the Indian Subcontinent during the last few days. At Mumbai, the temperature topped 100 degrees each day on Friday through Sunday. On Monday, central India had hot spots of more than 110 degrees; Akola reached 111 degrees. Persistent high pressure affording widespread hot sun will dominate the weather through the week. Most of the Subcontinent will reach 100 to 110 degrees daily. April is normally very hot. And May is usually even hotter than April in the northern half of the Subcontinent, so the ongoing is not abnormal in and of itself. Still, temperatures have been somewhat above normal and will likely continue to be a few to several degrees above normal through this week. Moreover, odds are likely that this trend will hold until the onset of summer's Monsoon rains usher in marked cooling, as usual.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from India!!!

Happy Easter, Friends!!!! He has risen!!!

I'm sorry that it's been so long since I last wrote. So much has been going on that I didn't know how to process or explain it all over email! But I wanted to write on this very HOT Sunday afternoon and wish y'all a wonderful time of celebration. Eish, I love Easter. It's the whole reason for EVERYTHING!!!

Today is Easter and perhaps more than ever, it has such meaning for me. Maybe it's because that though India is very much Asia, it has a definite middle eastern flair in certain areas... it's easy to imagine Christ emerging from the tomb as we drive by camels, donkeys, and horse drawn carts and as we go out on our roof in the cool of the evening! Maybe it's because the name of Jesus cannot be openly proclaimed in India.. and here we are celebrating the greatest act of grace ever give. Maybe it's because here, without all the commercialization of the West, without candy, plastic eggs, and pictures of fluffy bunnies everywhere, we are able to really focus on the meaning of this day. Sitting in the church service, surrounded by Indian Christians who everyday risk their lives to serve him and by precious orphans who are being raised in his name, it was so simple... so beautiful.

There is another girl here with Sixty1. Her name is Jules, and she is awesome!!! She's been going to school in North India for Hindi. She told me that the other day, on Indian National Television, they aired The Passion of the Christ without a commericial break! It went to all of India!!! How incredible!!!!

We all decided to wear saris to church this morning since it was Easter. It was so much fun--the actual outfit was very hot--but we kept joking about how "royal" we felt... while Paru just laughed at us. I'm going to try and upload pics onto my site soon... also there are some pics on my blog. Hope you enjoy them!!!

We're all doing well here... just taking life one day at a time. We had a big blessing earlier this week with MUCH cooler weather--like around 90degrees (i know.. y'all must be laughing, because I heard it actually snowed in Ga this week, which is pretty much unheard of for April in the South). But now the heat is back full force! On the nights that I work out/run, I have to wait until after 6pm because it's just so hot. But that's another story altogether... let's just say that running in India is never boring. :0)

Anywho, hope you are well! Have a great Easter! In the midst of all the hurry and the commercialization of the day, I urge you to remember--and rejoice--over what it's all for!!! Love you!

-Kristen Torres-Toro

P.S... I thought you would enjoy this story: Paru asked Jules and I what Easter was like in America. As we tried to describe it, all the meals, the traditions, etc, we told her of the time with friends and family--and the incredible food! Both of us mentioned green beans in our description of the food we might have in America... and so when we came home for lunch, Paru made a special batch of green beans just for us! This woman of God continues to humble me with her joy and thoughtfulness. I love this friend and am so thankful for this time with her!!

Mariam and I: this picture was a "mistake", but I love it!!Me, Mariam, Wandena, and Jyoti:

3 Indian Princesses: Me, Paru, and Jules

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Palm Sunday!

Hey, Friends!!!

Happy Palm Sunday!!! I didn't even realize that until I got to the orphanage this morning. This time last year I was sitting in an internet cafe in Swaziland watching people riot in the city, hoping the half of my team that was on the other side of Manzini had enough sense not to leave the building they were in. This year, it's sweaty India!!!

The weather turned a corner this week and the heat is most definitely here. It's now to the point where being inside during the day is uncomfortable as well. But we are making the most of it. That's all we can do, really, because we still have about 30 degrees to go... oh, and did i mention, we're just shy of 3 digits (fahrenheit) now? :0) I hear it might get cooler for a few days... that will be nice!! :0)

Here are some pictures I took today at the orphanage.... Enjoy!!



The three of us....