Tuesday, April 14, 2009

107 and No Water!!!

So, the fun adventures keep coming... 

Our water pump broke randomly the other day. Some men came to fix it today but said that the problem was actually below ground and would take until at least Friday to fix. This means that we have no running water for washing dishes, washing clothes, flushing toilets, and showers. Have I mentioned that it was 107 degrees here today?

It's one thing to not have water and live in a hut, use squattie potties, and bathe from a bucket regularly. It's another thing entirely to only have a toilet and not have the water to flush it. Western/modern conveniences aside can actually be more burdensome when something like this happens.

We are blessed because there is a house down the street where we can go and shower. And we're gonna talk to our landlord about getting water delivered... with it being this hot, sleeping is pretty much impossible without using the water coolers (which are no where near as cool as ac but are helpful at least). Anywho... oh, btw, here's a fun article....

OH WAIT!! As I'm writing this, they've figured out a way to fill our tank manually, at least for this day. PRAISE GOD!!!! That means I'll get to sleep tonight!

Okay, now for the article...

India Heat Wave Could Last for Weeks
Updated: Monday, April 13, 2009 4:56 PM
Intense heat has spread widely over the Indian Subcontinent during the last few days. At Mumbai, the temperature topped 100 degrees each day on Friday through Sunday. On Monday, central India had hot spots of more than 110 degrees; Akola reached 111 degrees. Persistent high pressure affording widespread hot sun will dominate the weather through the week. Most of the Subcontinent will reach 100 to 110 degrees daily. April is normally very hot. And May is usually even hotter than April in the northern half of the Subcontinent, so the ongoing is not abnormal in and of itself. Still, temperatures have been somewhat above normal and will likely continue to be a few to several degrees above normal through this week. Moreover, odds are likely that this trend will hold until the onset of summer's Monsoon rains usher in marked cooling, as usual.


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