Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Palm Sunday!

Hey, Friends!!!

Happy Palm Sunday!!! I didn't even realize that until I got to the orphanage this morning. This time last year I was sitting in an internet cafe in Swaziland watching people riot in the city, hoping the half of my team that was on the other side of Manzini had enough sense not to leave the building they were in. This year, it's sweaty India!!!

The weather turned a corner this week and the heat is most definitely here. It's now to the point where being inside during the day is uncomfortable as well. But we are making the most of it. That's all we can do, really, because we still have about 30 degrees to go... oh, and did i mention, we're just shy of 3 digits (fahrenheit) now? :0) I hear it might get cooler for a few days... that will be nice!! :0)

Here are some pictures I took today at the orphanage.... Enjoy!!



The three of us....

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  1. Hello my dear world traveler! I look forward to being a topic in one of your stories soon! Say...two weeks? I love the pictures. The kids are gorgeous and I can't wait to meet them. Have a wondermous day and try not to sweat away!