Saturday, June 13, 2009

Come What May

God has an awesome way of putting things into perspective.

For the past few years, the state of Georgia has been in a serious drought. We've had such a grave problem that there were strict limitations on how people could use water in our state. Basically, many have gone several years without washing cars by hand, watering lawns, etc., simply because the window of opportunity for such activities was so small that we always missed it. As a kid, my parents used to put the sprinkler on and let my brother and I run around in on a hot day. For years, that wasn't possible. It's such a huge shame for children to miss out on the simple pleasure of running through wet grass, listening to the constant stream hit trees, bushes, and their own bodies, and feel the cold pins and needles of getting too close to the sprinkler.

Ah, summer.

But something interesting has happened this year. Here we are, in the midst of one of the worst financial crisises in our history. People are losing jobs right and left, stores are going out of business, budgets are getting tighter, and those applying for jobs simply can't find any. America is learning what it means to not consume constantly, to save and spend wisely instead of without thought. We're being drawn back to a much simpler life.

And God has brought the rain.

It started in the spring, with days upon days of storms. April showers made way for May thunderstorms and now the June sky is pregnant with more rain. The earth is green. The colors--when the sun does shine--are brilliant. Here we are, in a recession, with just what we need. With plenty, even. Because, you see, Georgia is no longer in a drought. After several years of thirst, we are entering a surplus. The dry and weary land is once again becoming a verdant, beautiful garden.

God doesn't depend on the economy. Neither does His timetable. It is as He says in Matthew--as He provides for the sparrow and the lily, so much more does He care and provide for us. We don't have to worry. Come what may--job loss, dwindling bank accounts, changes in lifestyle due to our nation's current situation--and we do not need worry. He will provide. He will bring abundance in a time of drought. He will bring that life-giving, beautiful rain.

And speaking of His timetable, I got a surprise last week. It's a bit of a long story that I will spare you, but the conclusion is that my summer is going to be even busier than I expected. I'm returning to AIM for a few weeks to help out there, and then off to Guatemala for two weeks in July! I'll be leading again, this time an Ambassador (high school) team. And then in August, I'm going to Cambodia with Sixty1.

I'll give more details about that in the future. I am still coming on staff with them this summer/fall, so details about that will be given as well at a later date. As to now, I just wanted to mention both trips and ask for prayer and support. Financially, Guatemala is taken care of. This is such a praise because I only had the chance to speak about it to a few people, but God gave me exactly what I needed! Cambodia, however, is a different story. I need $3000 by August 13, 2009. If you would like to support me financially, please send a check made out to Sixty1 to:
PO Box 2046
Boone, NC 28607

Please put "Kristen Torres-Toro" in the memo line.

Thank you so much!!!! I appreciate you, your encouragement, prayers, friendship, and support more than you can know. And though I was not expecting these two trips to come up, I am very excited about them! Please be praying for me this summer as I lead once more and then minister in a country that is heavily involved in sex trafficking.

And--though all of y'all know me and know how much I love the sunshine--may He continue to bring on the rain.


  1. Thanks for the beautiful reminder that it's not the economy or the government that provides for us. It's our God. And He is mighty to do the impossible!

  2. I love that, 'God doesn't depend on the economy'. Thank goodness there's no recession in heaven. Love your blog!