Sunday, July 19, 2009

What God Did in Guatemala....

It's Sunday afternoon, and I can't believe that just a week ago I was still in Guatemala, walking through the beautiful city of Antigua. The adventure I never expected has become such a huge part of me. I miss it--and my team and co-leaders--a lot!

One of my tasks for this particular trip was to write about it. The Ambassador directors dreamed of being able to document it from training camp to debrief, using both photography and the written word. It took a few days for me to get my swirly thoughts straight enough to put them down on paper; after all, fevers often take a mind of their own. But my wonderful friends took what I wrote and put pictures to them. For that reason, I'm not going to re-post them on this blog. But please, go check them out. The link is

What I will write here is how much I loved Guatemala, how beautiful it was. Lake Atitlan (pictured below) literally sits in the heart of a volcano and it has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The people who live nearby are so kind. But they carry great pain deep in their hearts. Many turn to drugs, while others turn to religion, the kind with ritual and statues, a lot of death and almost no life. It's a beautiful, colorful world, a place that shouts with the truth about God--but still, He is missed.

My team of 16 (that's us up above!) lived in a pueblo called San Pedro, but we visited several other villages while we were there. We were able to do children's ministry and also attend several local churches. We prayer walked and sang just about everywhere we went. We walked through the village and talked with people. We sat with vendors at their stands and played with their children. We spoke of Christ--and loved on those we met--with everything we did. Though it was difficult to leave, we know without a doubt that every person we met was able to hear the gospel. And that's a great thing!

So, what's happening now?

I came back from Guatemala sick, so I am resting and trying to get better. Though the trip was only two weeks, I'd been away for more than a month because I spent most of June working the training camps at AIM. So there's a lot of stuff that I need to do here in the States. And I need to get ready, because on August 10, I'm headed to Cambodia.

I'll post more about that in a couple of days, when I know more. But right now I just wanted to mention it and also a big praise. I got a phone call a few days ago with the news that I've raised $1000! Praise God! But I still need $2000 to go, so that's also a big prayer request. If you're interested in supporting me financially, you can send any contribution to Sixty1 at:
PO Box 2046
Boone, NC 28607

Please put "Kristen Torres-Toro" in the memo line.

Thank y'all for everything. Thank you for believing in this calling God has placed on my life, and for sending me out. Thank you for your trust, your prayers, your encouragement, and your friendship. I am so thankful for you!!!

Have a great day! Love ya!


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  1. Kristen, God uses you everywhere your feet take you. This trip is no exception. The lake is beautiful and those two little girls? I could just eat them up! They are so beautiful! Thank you for this glimpse into your trip. I can't wait to read more :)